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Professional installation of PV panels would not be possible without adequate mounting solutionsIn order to have the ultimate guarantee that arrays we offer are stable, made of materials demonstrating adequate strength and load resistance parameters, we only rely exclusively on services of tried-and-tested suppliers. We also focus on the speed of installation and the ease of possible extension.

Our installations may be located practically anywhere, provided that the selected venue benefits from adequate sunshine level. It should be stressed that selection of the venue determines the type of supporting structure for solar PV panels. Considering this criterion, there are the following types of supporting structures:

Roof constructions - mounted on both slanted and flat roofs

The mounting system for a slanting roof is least complicated and hence, definitely the most economic. It is selected to fit the roof pitch and type of materials used as roof covering (roof shingle, plan tiles, asphalt shingle, steel roofing tiles, roofing sheets, standing seam roof tiles). Such solution will work best in a house with south or possibly east- or west-facing roof.
Solutions for flat roofs include penetrative installations (mounted to the roof and most resistant to the wind), the ballasted mount (which usually involves application of concrete foundations blocks or a vulcanised system solution for PVC membranes (a special console made of plastic). In this case, it is essential to position PV panels at such angle towards the source of light to make sure they absorb maximum energy.

Standalone structures – single and double-support systems, attached directly to the substrate by driving or screwing or anchoring them to concrete foundations. We recommend such installations to private customers or businesses which benefit from slightly more space.

Other PV mounting systems – integrated with the roof or attached to the wall of the building.  They are used, for instance, to build solar carports.

Total cost of mounting solar PV panels largely depends on the material from which the structure is made. Most economic are hot-galvanised steel frames. Slightly more expensive are steel frames with an admixture of aluminium and stainless steel, while aluminium-only frames (which are most resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation) are the most expensive choice. Our range also features less frequently used acid-resistant and galvanised steel as well as extruded aluminium frames.

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